Folks, it’s been a while since we’ve updated. We have all taken some time out to rest and be with our families. Campaigning is hard work around these parts! However, we’re coming to you today to let you know that we’ve had a change in leadership, and to tell you that even though we did not win any elected positions in this year’s election, we did win in other ways.

The fact that we had candidates at all? Win.

The level of turnout we saw in a midterm election? Win.

State and National level candidates coming to talk to voters in Jasper County? Win.

The number of new voters registered? Win.

We have all of this and so much more to be proud of, and trust me when I say that I’m EXTREMELY proud of us. We are just finding our footing as a county party, and we’ve got a lot of great ideas and some experience under out belts to carry us into the next year. I’m looking forward to building our team and filling our ranks with even more people who are passionate and ready to put in some work. (In fact, we are looking to fill several leadership roles, which you can inquire about using the Contact form at the top of our site.)

Thank you to everyone for helping us have a great first year!

Stay strong. Be Proud.

Kristina Mathews

County Chair

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