September 18, 2018


HT Davidson on 777, someone stole his Dayna signs. We need to get some for him. Let him put out all of the dem signs he can.

Signs cost. Can get group rates, but still $$$ for 20 precincts worth of signs.

Louis put Has a donation button for Jasper dems. Louis is the bomb.

Robert can make more of the Ready Set Vote handouts. Has all candidates on it.

Be aware on group texts who it’s going to and that some phones don’t get the full message.

Changed location to be more consistent. Is this a good place or not? Let’s stay here for the next two meetings.

Early voting extended hours were sent by Robert.

Churches can bus voters on the last Sunday of early voting.

Last day to register to vote is Oct 9. Last day for county to receive vote by mail app is Oct 26.

No longer going to nursing homes to allow all residents to vote at once. They can only do mail in or in person at the polls. Have to get social worker to allow us to go in. Will have to follow up to be sure they actually send in the ballots.

Need to get Rashad the name and number of Ombudsman at DETCOG.

Already called Home Health places, they don’t want to do VBM things. Louis will look into this.

Bike Dam to Dam Oct 6. Going to Martin Dies Park. Candidates need to attend the event at the park. Booths will be available. Deputy registrars should try to attend. Sept 28 at 2 will be a meeting at Martin Dies park for more info.

Event at VFW was great. Put on by Arriaga family.

Last day for voter reg Oct 9, 11pm. If we register after 5pm, we need to let county clerk know and they should accept it. They need to know this in advance. Speak to Diana South, Sheila Houston, Debbie Newman.

Robert email got blocked by County offices, but was by mistake. Updated systems meant exceptions were taken out. If it happens to any of us, let Robert know.

What day will they actually mail out the ballots? Glen Maxey with state party should let us know a definitive date. Need to keep checking with folks to make sure they’re getting what they need to get in order to vote by mail. They have 2wk to get it, fill out, send back.

We aren’t doing it, but statewide there are people calling to ask about those who were to receive mail in ballots.

Next mtg, here at century 21 again. Should be Oct 16 at 6.

Poll watchers…Has anybody gone through training to be a watcher/worker/election judge? Can Rashad do it, if Ronzie is on the ballot? Conflict of interest….? Need to look further into this. Conflict of interest for current county clerk, or no? No, because it’s her job, although Diana does a lot of the stuff for the elections anyways, and current clerk doesn’t actually count votes. Has very little to do with the process. Candidate can have a rep present for counting of ballots. (Further technical explanation of process)

Poll watcher is authorized by candidate to watch poll. Candidate has to sign official statement to authorize someone. There are strict rules. If there’s a problem, need to speak to judge of the poll, not the workers.

Rashad will get with churches to bus voters on the Sunday of early voting. Adan and Louis coordinating rides to the polls. Kristina setting up shifts on MobilizeAmerica for Nov 6. (Kristina put all this on site etc)

How can we make early voting more effective for us as democrats? Considering the DA office was the big primary race, how can we get more people to early vote for democrat? 

Shirley will allow us to use her RoboCall, just need to figure out logistics and price, etc.

If we get 3000 votes in this county, we have a great chance.

WE NEED “I VOTED” STICKERS! Diana South!!!! The stickers are HUGE for social media purposes. SnapChat, FB, insta, etc.

Any tv coverage? Not that we know of. Any newspapers? No. Gospel station lady? Allow candidates to come in and do commercials and talk on the morning show.

Please everybody get their social media game together.

High school football games good for handing out cards/flyers, etc.

Door knocking on weekends? Get with Kristina to do VAN stuff for lists.

Oct 20 meeting let’s coordinate what we’re talking about and what platforms to use. Schedule posts for the fb page and get everyone in sync with each other.!!

Coordinated heirarchy, JPEG files, video files. Adan can do a video…? Everyone send out at once. Sunday Sept 30. Louis Perkins house 2:00, 206 Verna. Adan will get the vid to us.

Airshow? Butterfly festival? Kristina has canopy and poster if we get booths. Can also just be there and walk around and talk.

Chamber of commerce website for events, will put on website. Tomorrow at Harvest church heart institute luncheon at 12:00.

Resource fair, oct 23 jasper head start. 5-7pm.



Kristina Mathews

Robert Webb

Steve Adams

Adan Arriaga

LaNessa Land

Anita Garrett

Ronzie Lewis

Louis Perkins

Rashad Lewis

LV Rasberry