August 21, 2018

Sept 4, beto phone bank

Sept 7, amanda haralson block walk for beto

Sept 8, shirley layton meeting with local Hispanic voters at VFW 11-2, want to coordinate with local candidates to meet and greet. Kristina will put on our sites.

Robocall? Idea from Shirley, piggyback on her account.

Kim Olson coming on Friday.

Need to try to get the candidates to arrange their own venues and such.

Cards for block walking that include all pertinent information about candidates and dates.

SD3 summit. Oct 6 or 13. In Lufkin.

Painting netted us $30.

People want to hire Kristina. It’s a thing, apparently.

Signs for polling sites. 20 sites, signs selling for like $10. Will candidates provide the signs for us, or no? Who would set up/tear down?

Try to set up booth for registration at angelina jasper campus.

Vote by mail campaign is paid for, thanks to Robert.

School board and city council was in may robert lol.

Discussing fundraising letter, and to whom they should be sent. See list of possible donors in phone. Kristina will get addresses and mail out.

Rides to the polling places. Churches do not allow political things in the church, typically. Auxiliary women of the church may want to give rides to the polls. Need to get into contact with some of these groups.

Target non voters/former voters.

More discussion of coalitions. Possibly teachers? Any group that is anti-trump.

Mention of Cole working for Dayna Steele campaign. Talk of campaigns working together and coordinating resources.

Shirley rated by education group, as friendly. So similar to being endorsed. Sabine labor council as well, hopefully.

Local unions. Paper mill in Evadale. Have to get locals on board and then maybe can get to higher up councils.

Have we submitted petitions to extend early voting hours and added in one weekend? We aren’t sure of whether or not we already have decent hours? Deadline? Only need 15 signatures from registered voters.

SMS grouper for the shirley event to collect emails. Share emails with the campaigns. Copy writers for personalization of emails to avoid getting sent to spam.

Emphasized again the importance of not giving out personal information.




Robert Webb

Lesa Caldwell

Adan Arriaga

Saolo Arriaga

Louis Perkins

Kristina Mathews