July 17, 2018 Minutes


Meeting called to order.

Minutes read and approved.


Right to vote: can vote if all sentence is complete.


Voter registrar status. Go to site, take the test at county clerk’s office. Last day to register is Oct 9 at 11 pm. Need to explain this to county clerk so we can maybe turn in registrations the next morning.


Voter reg in schools. Do we need to do background checks? What do we need to do for that? Get in schools before October 9. Need to find out who to contact. Admin office and/or principals of each school. Government classes might be doing that, can we help? Mr. Victor Williams principal at high school. Maybe present something about the importance/process of voting. Need to get in touch with Kville, Buna, Brookeland. Dr. Kahla at brookeland ISD.


Nursing/Assisted living, want to go in and register them/apply to mail in. Social workers there will be our contacts. Ashley Adams at Timberridge. Will call around to see who is at each place.


Dates/locations of early voting will be made known to us ASAP by Robert.


Poll worker training. Go to website. Must test at the end. They’ll email you a certificate or you can print it. Bring to Diana South at county clerks.


Website thing with SD3 already done.


Calendars. Need to get in sync with local calendars. Kristina will work on getting all sites in sync. Sherry is in contact with Dayna Steele, they want to help us. They can help us, but we can’t help them. Candidates can help us.


Burt, staff at state party talks about social media. Instead of Hustle, some candidates are using a google texting service. Hustle would cost us 5 cents per phone number through the end of the year.


Mail in ballot campaign. We have opportunity to send them out again. 1581 possible mail in ballots in jasper county. Broken down by mail in history, 121 of those. Voted in 2016, but not 14 there are 514 of those. 2016 and 14 there are 203 of those. Others – potential dem voters whose age and VAN score indicate they may be eligible to vote by mail. There are 743 of those. Basic group $222, full group is $553. Hardin and Newton are about a hundred bucks less. Trying to find sponsors to get money for the mail in ballot campaign.


Our funds at the moment are $584.01.


Hustle. Brief description on how it works. What do we need to do to get the best response rate? VAN lists.


Sponsor request form letter by Robert to itemize what we need money actually for.


VoterCircle, brief explanation on how it works. Look into google app that does similar thing?


Commit to vote cards. New program. State furnishes us these cards. We hand them out. Hope that people will stamp them and mail them in. It will come back to us, we’ll mail them a reminder. Good way to get them into our database, also. Beto and Lupe and Dayna already have these for their campaigns.


Remind candidates and hear their stump speech.


Summit was great, be sure to shake hands and make physical contact with people.


Fund raising, want to combine to help candidates.


Door to door. Training needs to be done. It’s online at the tx dem training site. Will provide link.


Next meeting Aug 23, 6:00 at Nehemiah center.


Next tuesday at La Paz bed and breakfast. 6:00. For county candidates.


Discussed fundraiser and Politics & Brews.


Discussed funds for party and how the funds go into two separate bank accounts. Funds for primary go into one, funds for party goes into another. Whatever is left over, we can send to party fund.


Discussion of how voting works with the clerks and such. We contract with the county clerk to run the elections. We want to get more democrats in as election clerks and judges. Jasper county is mostly very well run. Nearly impossible to cheat the vote because of how the process is set up.


Need to vote paper ballots, as it is the only way that keeps a record. Voting machines do not.





Kristina Mathews

Robert Webb

Sherry Williams

Anita Garrett

Steve Adams