At the state convention, we learned about a new website that will change the way that we can register new voters in Texas. Currently, it is still not legal to register to vote online in our state. But is here to help change the way we think about online registration.

With Register2Vote, volunteers do not need to be a deputy voter registrar. So, how and why is this allowed? In Texas, since voter registration is done person-to-person, you MUST be a deputy registrar to assist an applicant, and to turn the completed and signed applications in to your County Clerk. When using Register2Vote, the volunteers never touch the actual application. The applicant answers a few eligibility questions, fills in their information, and Register2Vote mails them a physical copy of the application that they completed online. The applicant then signs the form, and uses the ready to mail envelope that’s included to send it to their County Clerk. Nobody but the applicant handles the completed and signed form.

Register2Vote will be a huge asset when it comes to registering new voters and/or helping people determine their eligibility status. It will make registering to vote far more accessible, as it is also a very mobile friendly site. This means that friends and family can help register people that they know, even if they do not have access to a computer or printer.

Please consider making this site available for use at any upcoming events you may have, if you do not have access to a deputy registrar.


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