Called to order by Robert.

Previous meeting’s minutes approved.


Mention of the VAN training we had, and how we can put VAN to use in Jasper County.


Robert and Lesa went to the Blue Wave in Conroe. Good info, but unfortunately the vendors did not show up as anticipated.


Talked about the State Con. Can do either credentials session. Must be present for general session and the SD3 caucus (NOT SDEC, that’s a different thing).


SD caucus will elect people to the different committees, and will elect a new committeeman and committeewoman. Jasper County will get to cast all of our allotted votes, regardless of how many of our delegates are present.


We need to make contacts at the convention!


Next meeting we need to get candidates together to figure out how to share costs for voter outreach programs. Lesa and Kristina are our VAN people.


Delegates need to try and visit the vendor booths for ideas on how to make this work.


Fundraising – La Paz Bed and Breakfast… can they get the women together for us? Need to break into the more wealthy voters (DONORS!) in the lake area.


Do we have free access to VoterCircle and/or Hustle as a county party? Need to look into this.


Need to push our ActBlue donation account online.


Candidates need to make sure their campaign treasurer is keeping track of every cent donated and spent. VERY IMPORTANT.


At the convention you will need ID to prove who you are. Lanyard and credential card must be worn while in the convention. There will be a main convention area and a vendor area. Caucuses will take place in individual rooms.


Go to as many caucuses as you want. Feel free to leave if it’s not working out for you.


Food at con can be expensive. Bring snacks.


Next meeting, candidates and convention attendees need to get together to discuss funds and strategy, meet and greets, etc.


Need to start in Evadale and work our way up. FISH MAN? (“Catfish” Steven Connor)


Banquet? Costs a lot. Can we get people to attend?


Groups? Need to find voter groups or different organizations in town who would want to participate.


Or maybe a community thing? Need to have a clear purpose for having a banquet/fundraiser, though.


This is why VAN is so important, gives access to lots of info and people we may not have contact with on a day to day basis.


Register kids at schools and nursing homes. Mail in ballot applications for nursing home residents, as well. Maybe need to get registrar status in Newton County, as well?


Need to check on the status of all of the mail in ballot applications that we paid to send out.


Jasper Newsboy needs to fix our meeting time on their calendar. It’s the 3rd Tuesday, not the 2nd.


Memorial Day bash was great. Police were overly watchful.


Need to get more voter groups involved. (African American, Hispanic, etc)


Need to work on some community service projects for positive exposure.


Youth outreach! Text service! Do old school text blasts.


Need to help people determine their eligibility status when it comes to voting with a criminal background.


We need more dems as election judges and clerks. Take the training online and see Diana South in the County Clerk’s office.





Kristina Mathews

Lesa Caldwell

Steve Adams

Robert Webb

Lanessa Land

Ronzie Lewis

Rashad Lewis