Call to order

Minutes approved

VAN training, 500 S Wheeler, 5:30. That’s the new welcome center/chamber of commerce. Training sessions essential to see how it works and to help candidates run a campaign.

Blue Wave in conroe june 2. Products available, some cost money, useful for candidates. Candidates can get price break on some things, like signs, etc.

Send out notices for monthly meetings the sunday before and the morning of.

Coalitions! Need to start identifying people and groups who are willing to side with us. BUT WHO AND HOW?

Need to start brainstorming fundraiser ideas.

Why aren’t we showing up in google results?

Can we set up emails for us @ our website?

Get word out about VAN training, memorial day weekend at park, and blue wave in conroe.

Candidates can put out signs whenever, just check frequently to be sure they aren’t stolen or vandalized.




Kristina Mathews

Robert Webb

Lesa Caldwell

LaNessa Land