Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2018


Called to order by Robert.

Last meeting’s minutes approved.

Blue Wave Regional in Conroe at convention center.

VoterCircle is state contracted. Starts with social media friends. It costs money, but we can share information with the candidates. Basically you try to get your friends to pledge to vote democrat.

Kristina will look into doing some work in VAN with Robert.

COALITIONS! We need to form some. For example: Planned Parenthood, ACLU, League of Women Voters, etc. Any group who is likely to vote Democrat or are anti-Republican.


State Convention

  • Sign up by senate district
  • Totes full of info. Schedule, local things, etc
  • Good idea to have a backpack or something similar.
  • Schedule posted online. By day and by caucus (caucus = special interest group)
  • General session, senatorial district. Our SD chair isn’t running again.
  • There will be meals, fundraisers, etc
  • 3 main areas. Enrollment, convention, vendors/food
  • Name tags must be worn. Bring or buy a lanyard
  • Voting in senatorial caucus, we’ll sit together and vote accordingly. We have resolution changes.
  • General convention we’ll vote on thing with our senatorial group and with county.
  • Jasper will be close to the back, most likely, screens will help us see.
  • We’ll elect state chair and other officers
  • There will be large and small caucuses on pretty much any topic you can think of.
  • It will be very crowded, bring snacks because on site food is limited.
  • We’ll be getting emails from people running for certain positions.
  • Parties! Some are free, some aren’t.
  • Vendors. Some things are free, some aren’t.



  • Blue Wave coming to Conroe June 2
  • Votercircle can be used by candidates
  • Need to build coalitions in Jasper county
  • May 22 is runoff election. 6 booths. Lupe Valdez and James White (White is more conservative.)


Next meeting is May 15, 6:00 Lone Star Center. SD chair may come to visit.



  • Kristina Mathews
  • Keith Mathews
  • Robert Webb
  • Lesa Caldwell
  • Steve Adams
  • LV Rasberry
  • Anita Garrett
  • Ebony Scott
  • Wilbert Batiste