Meeting Minutes

February 20, 2018

Called to order by Robert

Announcement that we will not open or close with prayer

  • Separation of church and state
  • Inclusivity reasons

Minutes from last meeting passed around and approved by council


  • Kristina is working on it
  • A few changes will be made
  • Domain name(s) will be purchased

Change of regular meeting time

  • The time we previously decided on conflicts with the monthly city council meeting, so we will move our regular time to 7pm instead of 6pm, third Tuesday of the month.
  • Next meeting is March 20, at 7pm.


Early Voting

  • Jasper courthouse annex (Tuesday-March 2)
  • Evadale fire dept
  • Buna courthouse
  • Kirbyville community center
  • St Raymond’s in Rayburn
  • Please check polling places to see if there are notices about our county convention.
  • They should be stamping your card or next to you name as Democrat or Republican

Election poll worker training online on the secretary of state website. Once you complete all of the training, print your certificate and notify the county clerk. Secretary of State is supposed to do that, but better to make sure it’s done in person, too.

Candidates and council members please be sure to send a picture and short bio to Kristina at, or through facebook. We need this for our website and social media pages, and for flyers to pass out at upcoming festivals.

We need an email directory for the entire county. We’ll have a sign up sheet at the Azalea festival booth. Kristina will maintain in a spreadsheet and will be sure to pass all on to Lesa for event purposes.

Jasper has about 20,000 voters, total. Precinct chairs have their VAN lists.

Need to encourage our friends and family members to become precinct chairs. Can’t be associated with candidate campaigns. Council will vote on new members.

Lesa and Steve be sure to keep Kristina up on event details for social media purposes. Kristina will train council members on how to use different websites to help with keeping on top of posts. Workshop date to be determined.

Candidates be sure to get candidacy announcements to each local paper. Reminder that we can announce candidacy for the first time for free! Free publicity is good!

  • Jasper
  • Buna
  • Kirbyville
  • KJAS
  • Possibly channel 6 online?
  • Facebook pages


Google gives phone numbers for free through Google Voice that will forward calls to your personal numbers (ours is 409-207-0462). You can rent a PO Box for 6 months from the post office. Take donations through a third party (ActBlue, PayPal, CrowdPact, etc). All of this is done for privacy, safety, and record keeping purposes.



  • Kristina will be festival coordinator
  • Azalea festival will be our “coming out party.”
  • Need to wow folks!
  • We want to register people to vote
  • Get them info about voting by mail. State party sent out about 850 “invitations” to vote by mail in Jasper County.
  • We need to be sure to tell people they will not be able to vote in March if they’re registering at the Azalea festival. Need to be giving out accurate information!
  • We need to start collecting emails.
  • Give out cards with info on our County Convention
  • Pass out flyers with our candidate info (BIOS Y’ALL!)
  • Still need volunteers
  • Vertical Banner for lots of totally valid reasons


Steve and Lesa will set up a meet and greet for any candidates after the primary. May be a good idea to see who wants to come speak at our County convention while credentials are being cleared.

Meet and Greet with Dayna Steele on February 27, 6pm at Cedar Tree. Dayna is a former radio personality with a huge following. The meet and greet with her will be good for local candidate exposure, also.

State Convention

  • June 21-23 at Ft Worth convention center
  • State dems block out rooms at hotel for the convention. Pricey. Robert will email us with details.
  • Booths!
  • Buttons!
  • Food events!
  • Lots of other cool sounding details that I didn’t write down because it isn’t totally relevant at this point in time!
  • Robert will set up a meeting with delegates to discuss more after our county convention.


Reminder to Lesa to contact papers about putting our convention on their calendar and to put out a reminder the week of.

Can we put flyers in local businesses and/or churches? (Kristina will make the flyers.)

Our slogan: Back to Democracy

General discussion





  • Kristina Mathews
  • Lesa Caldwell
  • Robert Webb
  • Shatera Robinson
  • Anita Garrett
  • Steve Adams
  • LaNessa Land
  • LV Rasberry
  • Ebony Owens Scott
  • Rashad Lewis
  • Brent Collins