Meeting Minutes 1/30/18

Called to order by Robert.

Kristina is made secretary.

Lesa is confirmed event coordinator.

Want to do a meet and greet after the primary; will send invites to candidates statewide. Steve will organize.

February 16 at 3:30pm there will be election machine testing at the courthouse annex; we have the opportunity to observe.

Decide to meet monthly on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm; location will rotate.

Reminder and recap of webinars.

Candidate filings are passed around.

Election judge and clerk discussed. Training can be completed online, contact county clerk to let them know you are available.

In future elections, when you vote as a democrat, you will be able to pre-register for the county convention. Info for the county convention(s) should be posted at each polling location.

We can become voter registrars through the county clerk’s office.

Discussed setting up booths at local festivals to do voter registration and applications to vote by mail.

TX democrats mailed over 800 vote by mail applications in Jasper county. We can no longer go into nursing homes to help them vote.


County convention:

  • Will be at the county courthouse.
  • Doors will open a half hour early for registration.
  • Should we have some kind of programs while credentials are being confirmed?
  • Primarily serves to elect delegates to state convention.
  • Robert will chair.
  • Steve will do credentials (verify attendees are democrats based on VAN and voter ID number)
  • Kristina will be secretary.
  • We have 6 spots for delegates (and 1 superdelegate, which will no longer happen after this year) and 6 alternates. Delegates volunteer and attendees vote. Each attendee will vote for the 6 they want to attend and the votes will be tallied. If there are only 6 volunteers, the rules can be suspended and those 6 (or fewer) will go. Hopefully it will be a diverse group.


Counties can submit resolutions to the state convention. It will be discussed and then voted on, and then presented to the convention. Rules can be submitted in a similar way.

Recap of meeting.

Reminder that we will need to phone bank for vote by mail to those the applications were sent to.

Candidates can announce their candidacy in EACH local newspaper for the first time FOR FREE.



  • When is the meet and greet? (After the primary.)
  • Do we have someone to design our website? (Ronzie mentions Brent, Kristina mentions Aaron.)
  • ActBlue not approved for some local candidates? (Will need to get in touch with their support staff.)
  • Do candidates in the primary just need 1 vote to advance to general election if they have no primary opponent? (Yes.)


Discussed strategic voting and how it works for a primary. You can only choose the democrat or republican ballot in the primary. It is more beneficial to the local democratic party to choose the democrat ballot in the primary.


Discussed how VAN (Voter Access Network) works. If you vote dem in the primary, VAN is updated with your info. County parties and/or campaigns can access this to help with campaigns.


At the next meeting:

  • Discuss what type of programs we want to have at the county convention.
  • Should we pray before or after meetings?
  • Remember to have a sign in sheet.
  • Next meeting will be Tuesday, February 20 at 6:30 at the Nehemiah Center



  • Robert Webb
  • Kristina Mathews
  • Steve Adams
  • Lesa Caldwell
  • Tanya Scott
  • Anita Garrett
  • Wilbur Batiste
  • Rashad Lewis
  • Ronzie Lewis